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Say Goodbye to Messy Floors

Stop for a moment and think about the amount of maintenance you perform on the floors at your commercial facility. Are you doing enough to keep them looking their best? If the answer is no, turn to Green-Tech Building Maintenance to address all of your floor maintenance needs. Look to our experienced floor care professionals for the very best in commercial carpet and hard surface cleaning options that include floor buffing, waxing, mopping, commercial steam cleaning and more. Clean floors take the look and feel of an office or commercial facility to a new level.

Quality from the Ground Up

Commercial carpet is designed to endure a lot of feet and takes a pounding as miles of walking is done on it daily, weekly, and monthly. As work boots, tennis shoes, flat sandals, dress shoes, stilettos and pumps pound the carpet it gets soiled quickly as dirt, dust and allergens settle into the fibers. This affects the way it looks and the way it affects the health of your building or facility. Even though built for the long run, the way to keep it fresh and usable for an extended period of time is to maintain it properly. This is where Green-Tech Building Maintenance commercial carpet cleaning service comes in.

Green-Tech Building Maintenance carpet cleaning service has preventative and restorative services that few other professional commercial carpet cleaners can provide. That’s why offices, schools and retail establishments all Windsor depend on Green-Tech Building Maintenance commercial carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Refinishing:

  • Immaculate tile and grout service with wet vacuuming.
  • Carpet cleaning with professional carpet cleaning products.
  • Mopping and Buffing
  • Floor stripping, waxing, and sealing.
  • High speed burnishing.
  • Spot removal.
  • Emergency flood cleaning.

We Clean All Types of Floors:

  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Commercial Concrete